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Em Dash [userpic]
2nd Annual Whedonverse Limerick Project
by Em Dash (theemdash)
at April 1st, 2006 (05:10 pm)

current mood: geeky

Here are this year’s posting rules:

1. Limericks must be related to one of the following Whedonverse creations Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Fray, or Firefly/Serenity. (I am excluding X-Men because they are not Whedon's original characters/universe.)

2. Crossover, Real People: Crossing the lines between the above-mentioned shows is okay, no other crossovers. Limericks using the cast & crew are okay, also. If you write about real people, please be kind. No derogatory or smutty stuff with real people.

3. Smut or Slash: Smut and slash is fine, but please remember that we like Gen limericks, too.

4. Spoiler Warnings: If your limerick includes any spoilers for any episodes, please include a spoiler warning in the subject line. If your limerick is completely spoiler free, feel free to let us know that, too. See submission format.

5. Limericks must be limericks (5 lines) and follow an AABBA rhyme scheme. You do not have to follow proper scansion. (For more information on how to write a limerick, please see this article at eHow.com.)

Submission Format

Each limerick should be posted in a separate comment. If you are submitting an epic (a story told through several limericks), that can be posted in one comment (or in one comment thread).

Each limerick should include the following information in the Subject Line:
Show: BtVS, AtS, Fray, FF
Universe: Crossover, RP (Real Person)
Category: Gen, Smut (het and masturbation falls under Smut), or Slash (we assume slash is probably also smut)
Spoilers: No Spoilers or Spoilers for [insert episode title or season]

Your entry should look like this (limerick by theemdash, won Buffiest Limerick 3rd Place 2004):

Subject: BtVS, Gen, No Spoilers

You may all think I’m a bit loopy
But I’m the biggest Xander groupie
In speedos he’s hot
He’s funny a lot
And he’s cutest when dancing like Snoopy.

All limericks must be posted as replies to this post.

I Win!
Just like last time, there will be voting and awards.

Awards will be given in the following categories:
Dirtiest Limerick
Slashiest Limerick
Cleaniest Limerick [sic]
Funniest Limerick
Buffiest Limerick
Angeliest Limerick
Firefliest Limerick
Most Interesting Rhyme

More categories will be added as necessary. For example, if there are 6 poems about Xander doing the Snoopy Dance, I might put up voting for Snoopiest Limerick.

Limericks should be submitted starting now! Submit your limericks until April 15. Sometime on April 16th, nominations will go up (rules for nominating will be posted then). Nominations will remain open until April 19th. Voting will go up on April 20th and remain open until April 26th. Winners will be posted sometime between April 27th and April 30th.

To recap—
Today: post limericks; limericks are accepted until April 15
Sunday, April 16: Nominate limericks
Thursday, April 20: Vote for limericks
Monday, April 30: See who won

We don’t own Buffy, Angel, Fray or Firefly, we’re just playing.

Some limericks may deal with sex or same-sex couplings. You've been warned.

Questions? Please direct all questions to this post.


Posted by: VF (vampirefever)
Posted at: April 13th, 2006 09:44 am (UTC)
Ats Angel/Wes slash (Spoilers for Lineage)
Angel Wes (fiareynne)

At the End of the Line(age)

Wesley was shaken to the core,
He'd shot his father just moments before.
But instead of grief,
All he'd felt was relief.
Such proof of his wickedness was hard to ignore.

Angel was miserable and sad,
With thoughts of how he'd eaten his dad.
He'd chomped and he'd munched,
Thoroughly enjoying his lunch,
He was going to hell; he was so bad.

Into the room then wandered Spike,
Two forlorn faces turned to him, so alike.
Peaches gelled and broody,
Percy all moody.
It was enough to make a vamp take a hike.

"I can't believe you're both in such a state?
So you killed your fathers, I can relate.
Like a good little son,
I turned me old mum.
But when she wanted to snog, she got staked."

"All this misery is now getting boring,
Another second of it and I'm gonna be snoring.
While I smoke a quick fag,
I suggest that you shag.
You're both in need of a damn good coring."

As the bleached one turned and departed,
Angel shrugged and said 'let's get started'.
They quickly striped,
And whipped out their dicks.
Within seconds their bodies could not be parted.

Doing what Spike did instruct,
Angel's arse, Wesley happily fucked.
With every thrust of his hips,
His spirits did lift.
'Till he found heaven deep in Angel's butt? [*sigh* It's so romantic!]

Angel groaned with unadulterated pleasure,
Who knew Wesley's cock was such an amazing treasure.
Thoughts of his dad left in the past,
Watcher seed dripping out of his arse,
Angel whisked Wes away to enjoy at his leisure.

Returning to the office, Spike was greeted,
By evidence his suggestion had been well treated.
The smell of sex in the air,
Nasty stains on the chair.
Yep, another champion's mission successfully completed.

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